Notes from the Jam

Most pictures have a prefix. "J" = John, "Q" = Jacqui. Otherwise the pictures are taken by Laz.

Laz processed the pictures using Adobe Photo Elements (Photoshop Lite). The goal was to fit the pix as best he could and make them small enough so that they would load quickly with a dial-up connection. I tried to get all of the musicians playing or otherwise having fun. There may be errors, mainly with the grouping of the musicians for the sets in the Green Room. If I have made an egregious error, let me know and I wil fix it.

If you have more or better photos, please email them to me.

If you would like the high-res originals, please email me with a mailing address, and I will send you a CD with everything I have at the time.

My email is here.

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