Riverside Jam 2009 - Middletown OH Muni Airport

Host: Helena Bouchez

Musicians from Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.

Videos from Kyle's analog video camera, converted and posted on YouTube:

Evil Ways - Kyle Roth congas, David Hodge guitar and vocals, John Mazzeo guitar, Derek Kolecki drums, Kathy Reichert vocals, Dan Lasley bass, Karen Berger piano, Mike Roberto lead guitar, Laura Lasley lead vocal.

Stormy Monday - David Hodge, John Mazzeo and Mike Roberto on electric guitars, Karen Berger Piano, Dan Lasley bass, Derek Kolecki drums, Laura Lasley vocals

Truck Drivin' Man - David Hodge guitar and vocals, John Mazzeo guitar, Kyle Roth guitar and vocals, Derek Kolecki drums, Dan Lasley bass, Jeff Brownstein guitar.

The Twist - Kyle Roth guitar and vocals, Derek Kolecki drums, Jeff Brownstein guitar, Dan Lasley bass, Laura Lasley backing vocals, Jacqui Lasley on saxophone and a fine solo by Karen Berger

Monday Morning - Original song by Kathy Reichert on accoustic guitar and vocals, Jeff Brownstein electric guitar, Helena Bouchez bass, Anne O'Neil drums, Kyle Roth congas

Life During Wartime - David Hodge lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Greg Nease guitar, Jeff Brownstein guitar, Laura Lasley and Kathy Reichert backup vocals, Helena Bouchez bass, Karen Berger keyboard, Derek Kolecki drums, Kyle Roth Bongos

Fire on the Bayou - Tony Nuccio lead vocal and guitar, Jeff Brownstein guitar, David Yates bass, Derek Kolecki drums, Kathy Reichert vocals, David Hodge vocals and chicken shakes, Jacqui Lasley vibraslap, Greg Nease cabasah,Anne O'Neil congas and harmony, Kyle Roth talking drums

Behind the Wall of Sleep - Tony Nuccio on lead vocals and guitar, Jeff Brownstein Guitar, Helena Bouchez bass, Derek Kolecki Drums


Pix - by John Reichert. Portraits here.

David H, Anne, Kathy, Jeff, Derek, Greg, Laura, Karen, Dan

David H, Jeff, Anne, John

Kyle, David H, John, Kathy, Derek, Kathy, Jeff, Greg

Anne, David H, Jeff, Kathy, Derek, Jacqui, Dan, Karen, Laura

Kyle, Jacqui, Anne, Derek, Tony

Anne, Derek, Tony, Jeff, David Y, Greg, David H

Kyle, David H, Derek, Kathy, Jeff, Karen

Kathy, Jeff, Greg, Laura

John, Kyle, Anne, Helena, Greg, Laura

Kyle, David H, Jeff, Greg, Kathy, Derek, Laura

David H and Kyle

Anne, Kathy, Jeff


Set List:

Set 1 (captained by Dan Lasley and David Hodge):

Sweet Jane
My City was Gone (Kathy Reichert doing the excellent job on vocals)
Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard
Evil Ways
They Call It Stormy Monday
Take Me to the River
Use Me
Waiting for Nancy
Wild Night
Secret Agent Man

Set 2 (Kyle Roth captain)

Get Up and Go
I Try to Understand (an original from one of Kyle's friends)
Comes A Time
Love Please Come Home
Glendale Train
City of New Orleans
On the Road Again
Truck Drivin' Man
The Twist
Werewolves of London

Set 3 (Helena Bouchez and Tony Nuccio - co-captains)

Orange and Cinnamon (one of mine)
Sultans of Swing
Before You Accuse Me
T-Bone Blues
Fire on the Bayou
Behind the Wall of Sleep

Set 4 (Greg Nease - captain)

Brass in Pocket
Ode to Billy Joe (McAllister, not Armstrong :wink: )
Beast of Burden
Local Girls
Jump Jive and Wail
Eurotrash Girl
Life During Wartime
Come Together
Lawyers Guns and Money

Set 5 (Kathy Reichert - captain)

Second Chances (one of Kathy's)
Give Me One Reason
It's Alright
In the Sun
(Don't Go Back To) Rockville
Pancho and Lefty
Black Velvet
Monday Morning (another of Kathy's)
Up Around the Bend

And we ended with a group finale of Suspicious Minds, if for no other reason than to show how much we missed not having Nick there!