Our Safari at Kapama Private Game Reserve

Here are some pictures of the beautiful animals we saw in the wild. There are over 500 raw images (most by Jacqui), but here are 50 of the best. We were able to get within 100 feet of all the animals you see, some were under 10 feet, including the lions and the herd of elephants that passed around the truck. Note that there is a lion having dinner at the bottom.

They hadn't seen a leaopard in over 2 months. This young female was just passing through.

Wild kudu.

Our "camp".

Our 4-star tents.

Not-really-tame kudu near our tents.

This close...

We went on 4 game rides, two dawn, and two dusk. Calvin was the guide and Tuli was the spotter. They made sure we saw almost everything in the park.

This rhino is much bigger than the ones above.

These mountains are about 30 miles to the south, and they change appearance during the day.

A set of 4 sisters lounging by the side of the road.

We were this close to a pair of lionesses that had killed a young giraffe, which the male had confiscated without even saying "Thank You for dinner." The male is under the bush to the left. They could care less that there were 3 trucks full of appetizers - er tourists - watching them.

Check the size of his paw!

"Grandma, what big teeth you have!"