It's Coming CLOSER!!!!

Chicago, Illinois - August 3rd and 4th , 2001

Here is a schedule of events plus some of the details for the weekend.
I have tried to answer any and all questions here.
Please feel free to write or call for more details.

And, as always, if you know of other musicians that would enjoy this event, please email me with their name and address and I will invite them.


Song List
11 AM to 3:30 PM - PreJam PowWow and Lunch
4:00 PM to 6:00 PM - Set-Up
6:00 PM to Midnight - The ELECTRIC SET
Midnight to 1 AM - TEARDOWN
1:30 AM (approx) - ?? - Post Jam Mexican Breakfast

Song List
10 AM to Noon ? Pre-Barbecue Set-Up
Noon to Late in the Evening - ALL DAY ACOUSTIC SET & BARBECUE

10 AM to 3:00 PM - Farewell Brunch



PreJam PowWow and lunch
At Hodge House (3040 North Menard, Chicago)
Basically, if you are free and want to meet some of the people who'll be playing, work out a song arrangement or two beforehand, help out with the loading and transportation of equipment to the Electric Set, or just hang out then please stop on by. Pizza (homemade) will be provided. Please bring beverages. Also a good time to prepare your side dish for Saturday's festivities!

Will be at the Irish American Heritage Center (4646 North Knox, Chicago). We have rented out the Shenacky (I'm certain I've spelled that wrong- it's Gaelic for "storytelling") Room. Doors open at 4 PM. Anyone who is able to will be encouraged to help with moving equipment and aiding in set-up for the evening. The IAHC has an inhouse pub/restaurant and prices for food and drink are very reasonable. A copy of their menu will be posted on the official RJ2K1 website. Feel free to eat and drink as you please. We have the place until midnight. The sooner everything is set up, the sooner we start playing.
FORMAT: Since we are expecting quite a number of musicians, we are trying to make this a "round robin" event. We will start with a seven to ten piece group that will play a few songs and then we will rotate players in and out. We will have an electronic piano and a synth available for use. Everyone should get anywhere from one to two hours of playing time. Obviously, if you can play more than one instrument, the chances are likely that you will be asked to play on more numbers in order to add depth. Back-up singers and percussionists should have a field day. There will, of course, be a "get as many people on stage as possible" final set.
Please see the "Musician RSVP" section for more details in this regard.

THREE IMPORTANT NOTES: First, in order to make this as much fun as possible for everyone, please, please, please communicate with me. If there are concerns, now is the time to address them. Once this event starts, I fully intend to stop worrying and spend my time enjoying your company and our music.

Secondly, be advised that these events will be attended by families and friends (please feel free to invite your friends, just give me SOME clue as to how many people you are expecting in your "entourage") and I will highly encourage the youngsters to participate. Lots of percussion "toys" will be available so everyone has a chance to participate.

Finally, the IAHC is NOT a non-smoking environment, however we are going to make our room a non-smoking area. There are plenty of places to smoke and a great Irish pub from which to get drinks so everyone should be able to have a good time.

In order to offset some of the rental costs as well as other expenses, I am asking for a donation of $20 from each "musician." This does not apply to family, friends or children. I appreciate your assistance in this matter.

Post Jam Mexican Breakfast
Site to be determined. There are two good cheap places within walking distance of my house. Which one we go to will probably be determined by how long it takes us to tear down. If you're not ready to call it a night (morning) quite yet, please join us in an old tradition of sorts.


At Hodge House (3040 North Menard, Chicago)
"Set-up" will be minimal but do feel free to come by whenever you want to. This is a rain or shine event. Musically, this will be very loose since people will be coming and going all day. I will have an area set up for the musicians that will encourage jamming and working on numbers. Essentially it will be a circle and we will just keep going around the circle and someone will either choose a song to play (you can even teach us one of your own!) or pass your turn to the next person in the circle. Multiple versions are encouraged. This will be outdoors so it will be acoustic in nature. Amps will be provided for bass and synth (volume will be regulated by me).

Burgers of all types (including great veggie burgers!), buns, and corn will be provided by host. All attendees are expected to bring a sidedish and/or beverages. Bringing chairs would also be much appreciated.


Very very casual and laidback. Please feel free to drop by on Sunday if your travel plans allow for it. We'll be making breakfast/lunch out of whatever is left over from Saturday. Play another song. Exchange addresses and recipes. Take some food with you for your trip back home.


(If at all possible, try to reply before June 22, 2001)

We know that you're coming, now let us know some details

  1. What you play (some of you may include your voice as an instrument)
  2. What you could be persuaded to play (2nd or 3rd instrument)
  3. Which sessions you plan to attend
  4. Who you're bringing with you (a rough guess will be fine)
    If you're coming on Friday, list 3 songs you'd like to play (include artist)

The purpose of the song list is to give you a chance to have your say in the song selection (as well as a chance to practice before you get here!)

Take a little time to think about this. If you know some of the people that are coming and you've already put together a killer version of a song, then why not perform it as a group? Again, this is where a little communication can be very helpful. Want some horns? Harmonica? Recorder? How about back-up singers?

To make a song suggestion, or view the current list, Visit the Music Suggestion Message Board were just there!)

And don't forget that you've got a whole day Saturday to play what we don't get around to on Friday!

Write to David Hodge ( Or call (312)552-6872 (days)
(773)237-7857 (evenings)

I look forward to your company and playing music with you!!!!