Sailing on the Chesapeake - August 2004

Many "firsts" on this trip. Our first time on the Chesapeake, our first time in a big catamaran, and our first time with guests. Beka and Yanessa helped make the trip more fun, even though we did lose a couple of sailing days to Hurricane Charley!

Here are some pictures. Some images change when you hover the mouse over them. Click on the Ducks at the bottom to go to an entire page of birds. If you want the high-resolution originals, email Dan.

Our Cat is 20 feet wide and who-knows-how-tall - I hope we make it under the bridge!

Jammin! Or is it Jah-mon!

A Praying Mantis is very good luck!

It's good to start them young!

Or is it...?

And as promised - ducks!

The crew!